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Daily Discount Matinees on Labor Day!
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/1
A secret government agency recruits imprisoned super 
villains to execute dangerous black ops missions.
Suicide Squad (PG-13) (2hrs 15min)
6:45 & 9:20 
Sat & Sun Discount Matinee  *1:15
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/1
Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford star in Disney's live action 
adventure of an orphaned boy and his best friend who just so happens 
to be a dragon.
Pete's Dragon  (PG) (1hr 50min)
6:20 & 8:30
Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *1:00
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/1
Voiced by an all-star cast is the sweeping, swashbuckling, animated 
adventure set in mythical ancient Japan in which a young boy must
 locate a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to 
defeat a vengeful spirit from the past.
Kubo and the Two Strings  (PG) (1hr 50min)
6:25 & 8:30
Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *2:30
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/1
Jonah Hill, Miles Teller, and Bradley Cooper star in the comedy drama based on the true
story of two young men who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm 
America's allies in Afghanistan.
War Dogs  (R) (2hrs 5min)
6:50 & 9:10
Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *2:20
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/1
In this epic story, a prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother, an officer in
the Roman army, is forced into slavery and after years at sea returns to his homeland
to seek revenge but finds redemption.
Ben-hur  (PG-13) (2hrs 15 min)
6:15 & 8:45
Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *2:00
Now playing thru at least Thursday 9/1
Three teens scheme to rob a reclusive blind man hoarding millions, 
but they find themselves up against a psychopath with his own secrets.
Don't Breathe (R) (1hr 40min)
7:10 & 9:05
Sat & Sun Discount Matinee *2:10
Tentatively starts 9/2
and Finding Dory may return.